Silly Confusion (Hysteric Edit) - Rogér - Mind Warp Minimix 43 (File, MP3)


  1. Confusion was one of five Force Priestesses who had sustained their consciousness in the Force after death and dwelt inside the Wellspring of Life. She manifested as a being wearing a black robe and a confused mask, and acted in a manner befitting the emotional aspect she represented. When Jedi Grand Master Yoda came to the planet seeking immortality, she and the other priestesses set him a.
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  4. 1) Download the MP3 file to your PC. We suggest that you download the file into the "My Music" folder on your PC so it is easy to find. 2) Next open iTunes and, make sure "Music" is highlighted under "Library". Go to the top and select "File". From the drop down list select "Import".
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  6. Anonymous said: Hello~ How about reactions of RFA (+Minor Trio if you don't mind it) where MC is very stressed and her way of relaxing is taking naps in a bathtub fully clothed, with the water.
  7. Ideas get arranged in a tree or star like diagram to visualize connections between different topics. More information about mind mapping is available at Wikipedia. Mind42 is a software application that supports the creation of mind maps. It's a specialized tool to quickly create, manage and edit the kind of data structure required for mind maps.
  8. The sole survivor of a race of mind-controlling worms from Venus, who had plans to invade and take over the Earth. Mr. Mind continues their goal while also clashing with Captain Marvel/Shazam.
  9. Masterlist Yoosung Being Forced To Watch Musicals Being Ignored Whilst MC Binge Watches A TV Show A Surprise Visit MC’s Ex Flirting With Them Bring Up the Idea of .

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