Re-Set (Waving Amp Mix)


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  4. Therefore, sometimes, there’s a need for the impedance conversion, ground alteration, and level-matching. Like running the guitar signal through the guitar effects pedal, which is set to the bypass, reamping shows several degree of the sonic degradation when compared to playing the guitar live directly into the guitar amp rig.
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  6. To get started, set the output of the track you want to reamp to an extra output on your interface, patch the output from the interface to the reamping box, connect the reamping box to the amp, and you're ready to rock. I like to find a loop in the song and then head out to the live room and start tweaking the tone on the amp.
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  8. Dec 06,  · Guitar player here and you are % correct on this. So much easier to get a good sound with the amp pointed at my head because not only does it help keep me in the proper frequencies but it also forces me to keep my volume at a humane level which really helps with the FOH mix.
  9. Radial X-Amp 1 In 2 Out Active Re-Amping Device Active Re-amping Device with Class-A Signal Path, Variable Output, and Ground Loop Elimination $ Or $9/month § for 24 months. Rated /5.

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