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  1. Pito is a local in New York City who watched over Damon nforofputpucoubetdoiceseamnasasuch.coinfo: Pilot.
  2. Asougi Goushi (阿僧祇 豪志(あそうぎ ごうし), Asougi Goushi), known as M (エム, Emu) in Gun Gale Online, is one of the main characters of the Sword Art Online Alternative "Gun Gale Online" spin-off series. Goushi is the manager of Kanzaki Elsa's (Pitohui's) office and is her longtime friend. Due to Elsa being unable to take part in the first Squad Jam because of one of her.
  3. Pito Pérez is a Mexican rock band originally from Guadalajara, Mexico.. The band began in the year in the city of Guadalajara. Miguel Mendez (Guitar and Vocals), Abraham Bustos (Bass and Vocals) and Jorge Chavez (Drums) got together to make music after playing in bands like Gong and Palida Fonk.
  4. Pita or pitta, is a family of yeast-leavened round flatbreads baked from wheat flour, common in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and neighboring areas. It includes the widely known version with an interior pocket, also known as Arabic bread, Syrian bread, and other names, as well as pocketless versions such as the Greek pita, used to wrap souvlaki. The Western name pita may sometimes be used to refer to .
  5. Spanish: ·Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) preterite indicative form of pitar.
  6. Pito is the 57th character in the Foot series. It is the whistle of the team Brazus from Brazil.
  7. Pita Nikolas Taufatofua (born 5 November ) is a Tongan taekwondo practitioner and skier who lives in Australia. Taufatofua became widely known after footage of his appearance at the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics oiled and shirtless went viral. He was flagbearer for Tonga in both the Olympics and Winter Olympics.
  8. Pito-pito (literally, seven-seven) is a blend of seeds or leaves from seven traditional herbal medicinal plants, usually prepared as a decoction or a poultice and used in a wide variety of folkloric applications: headaches, fever, cough, colds, migraine, asthma, abdominal pains, diarrhea, etc. The ingredients vary according to availability and intended use.

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