1. Reinforce definition, to strengthen with some added piece, support, or material: to reinforce a wall. See more.
  2. ‘We were reinforcing our troop presence in South Korea and had other military options on the table.’ ‘Two divisions were sent by Lee to reinforce the left wing.’ ‘If necessary, they can be reinforced through partial deployment of additional forces.’.
  3. All concrete floor slabs on ‘good ground’, are required to have reinforcing steel mesh, and all perimeter foundations are required to be tied to the concrete slab with reinforcing steel. The minimum reinforcement requirement as of 1 February is kg/m2 of Grade E reinforcing mesh fabric.
  4. 2 days ago · In this context, understanding, reinforcing, and protecting Indigenous food systems in the context of a changing climate must be a cornerstone of post-pandemic recovery. In the Peruvian Amazon, some Shawi Indigenous communities have chosen to self .
  5. Reinforcing Reinforcing Steel Products and Installation Reinforcing & Mesh Solutions (RMS) supplies, cuts and bends reinforcing to the latest standards and adheres to regular and consistent quality checks to meet customer requirements. We supply reinforcing steel in various specifications range from MPA to MPA.
  6. A reinforcing device for reinforcing a structural element in a motor vehicle includes a support, a reinforcing element and an adhesive. The support has a first surface for orientation towards a first wall of the structural element and a second surface for orientation towards a second wall of the structural element. The reinforcing element is designed for arrangement between the support and the.
  7. Reinforcing the use of the call bell during one-to-one time can be an approach for the social worker. Promoting staff teamwork to improve quality of care: the regressed residents found so typically in nursing hones require more than "everyone doing her job.".
  8. reinforcing A support mission in which the supporting unit assists the supported unit to accomplish the supported unit's mission. Only like units (e.g., artillery to artillery, intelligence to intelligence, armor to armor, etc) can be given a reinforcing/reinforced mission. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.
  9. Jul 25,  · By reinforcing the desired behavior with praise, the child will be more likely to perform the same actions again in the future. Reinforcement can include anything that strengthens or increases a behavior, including specific tangible rewards, events, and situations. In a classroom setting, for example, types of reinforcement might include praise.

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