Hidden Track


  1. Hidden Track. Company» A multi-award winning interactive theatre company that began creating online games in , starting with 'How to Win' Summary. Short summary describing this company. Navigation. Company Wiki. Images (1) Forum (0) News; Related Pages .
  2. Aug 02,  · The Hidden Track () The Hidden Track. 2h 18min | Drama | 2 August (Russia) A young woman from Russia travels to London to investigate the disappearance of her older sister, who vanished years ago/
  3. In the field of recorded music, a hidden track (sometimes called a secret track) is a song that has been placed on a CD, audio cassette, LP record or other recorded medium in such a way as to avoid detection by the casual listener. In some cases, the piece of music may simply have been left off the track listing, while in other cases more elaborate methods are used.
  4. From First To Last Lyrics. " [Hidden Track]" (feat. guest rap vocals from Major League Player) (song is also known as "Dead Baby Kickball", though it's unofficial title) Girl, you must think that I'm crazy. But .

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