At Home - Various - The Aural Exciter (CD)


  1. May 14,  · I actually have found some use for the aural exciter patches in my effects units. I find that the remaster of the Beach Boys' "Surf's Up" album lacks some of the high harmonics that are on my vinyl copies, making those magical harmonies lose a bit of their magic and causing the CD to sound a bit 'cold'.
  2. The Aural Exciter is a single ended process, that can be inserted at any point within the audio chain. The input signal is split into two paths. One path goes to the output unmodified, while the other path, known as a side- chain, goes through the Aural Exciter circuit which is comprised of a tunable high pass filter and a harmonics generator.
  3. Exact Audio Copy V prebeta 1 from May EAC extraction logfile from 2. March , Various / Aural Exciter Used drive: PIONEER DVD-RW DVRD Adapter: 0 ID: 1.
  4. Apr 25,  · The aural exciteris a great tool to use in the studio if you’re looking to add some high-end clarity and sparkleto your music productions. It can help to add extra punch to a whole mix, or it can be used on individual tracks and instrumentslike vocals, drums, guitars, and bass. Another studio device similar to the exciter is the audio enhancer.
  5. What Does an Exciter Do? Some would classify an exciter as a type of distortion effect. However, it’s really more than that. An exciter adds saturation to the signal frequencies in the higher ranges (3k and up). This produces more overtones and adds richness and crispness to your mix. It enhances the sound where EQ alone can’t seem to get it.
  6. Named after one of Jaywalker´s songs, Aural Exciter Records´ roots where those of the DIY spirit and anarchistic ethics of the Punk and HC scene of the late ´s. Besides designing, booking, distributing and organizing everything themselves flyers and all artwork was printed at the daytime working place of founder Dietmar "Dee Dee".
  7. The new Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom features the same no-compromise audio quality Aphex is known for, with the highest quality componentry and rugged, durable construction to withstand the rigors of travel and constant use. Aural Exciter. For more than 35 years, the Aural Exciter's patented technology has been the audio professional's.
  8. Final Mix and Assembly at Pasha Music House with use of the Aphex Aural Exciter Some performances on this recording have been studio enhanced Manufactured & Marketed By Polydor Side 1 Total Time Side 2 Total Time "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" inspired by Jorge Bem ABBA appears courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. & Polar Music Int. Ltd.
  9. Jun 21,  · I'm not looking for a boost per say, but wondering about the EQ benefits of an aural exciter (as opposed to a normal EQ pedal). Tim Bowen suggested a Guitar Xciter for getting that funky "direct to the board" tone, in a live setting, using an amp.

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